An Absence Of Conscience

Torch Brennan was destined to be a cop, particularly a homicide detective. With his innate instincts and gut feeling mentality, he helps detectives sort out the good from the bad. Minneapolis was a city that gave him a lot of cases—but he was always up for the challenge. Through it all, he tried to remain personally uninvolved with them and the victims, but that all changed one cold Christmas Eve.

Mathew Halsworth Jr. was born with no moral compass. With wealth, power and opportunities in his hands, he had learned to use his advantages all for the wrong reasons. He grew up to be a hard-core killer, knowing that he was too clever to get caught. True enough, he never did…. but his luck is about to run out as he is about to meet Torch.

See how the two struggle to uphold their beliefs in an intriguing detective mystery that will introduce you to a cold-hearted murderer with An Absence of Conscience.

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